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User Policy

  • To prevent disruption and improve quality, Milowork Wiki uses an application / invitation registration.
  • Registered Users has permission to create, edit or move unprotected pages, and view special pages.

Content Policy

  • When you publish everything on this site, please abide by the laws, regulations and public order and customs of the Chinese mainland, Japan and the current location of the server.
  • By default, the content you post follows the MCC-332 agreement.
    • If you want to follow other copyright agreements (here CC-BY-SA is taken as an example), please insert at the top of the page: <!--Copyright agreement: CC-BY-SA-->
  • This Wiki does not support direct upload of audio and video. Please upload to bilibili and insert it using {{bilibili}}, if it fails to pass the review, this site is also not welcome.
    • Note: Youku and iQiyi have patch ads. YouTube, niconico, etc. cannot be accessed normally in mainland China, AcFun, etc. may not be accessible normally in Japan. Do not upload to these sites.

Banning Policy

  • New accounts that engage in advertising, malicious destruction, etc. can be permanently banned.
  • If you violate relevant laws and regulations, you can immediately block for 7 or 30 days, and repeat offenders can be permanently banned.
  • If the editor still violates the relevant regulations of this site after warning, he or she can be banned for 1 or 7 days.
  • IP will never be banned.

Privacy Policy

  • The server provider of this site is Vultr. The current server location is based on the IP address.
  • Because the IP address may be accidentally banned at China mainland, the IP address and the server location may change at any time, please forgive.
  • We do not guarantee the reliability and privacy of this site.