enw:Apply for an account registration

This site implements application and invitation system registration.

This registration process is for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas users.

For Chinese Mainland users, the Chinese version shall prevail.

General application

  1. Write an application letter with username, password and reason for application and send to milowork2@yahoo.co.jp.
  2. If we approve your registration, we will register an account for you and notify via email.
  3. User passwords can only be reset through manual appeals, please keep in mind.

Official invitation

  1. Leave your contact information at Milowork through Offline Events such as Exhibitions, you have the opportunity to get an official invitation.
  2. We will occasionally invite a small number of users through major online platforms.

Application Notes

  1. Applicants must have a valid application reason.
  2. Do not use inappropriate usernames (such as names of public figures, maliciously vilified information, excessively long pure numbers)
  3. Please read Policy carefully.
  4. Please include the consent of the administrator to add any promotional content.