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Mone (lit. humanoid's speech) is a constructed language.

Almost all its word is constructed or metaphorized by stacking 40 basic vocabulary.

Basic vocabulary

a /ä/ e /e̞/ i /i/ o /o/
g /ɢ/ ga family; country ge me; self gi tool; device go money; metal; hard
h /h/ ha meal; food; eat he give; renderhi sun; light; heat; time; dayho study;scholarship
k /kʰ/ka can; may ke thing; animal ki exchange; buy ko small; powder
l /ɾ/ la make; produce le happy; entertainmentli number; multiple lo rot; ill; inferior
m /m/ ma will; future me sky; air mi not; no mo mouth; speech
n /n/ na what; which ne humanoid; person ni female; feminine no of; target
s /s/ sa electricity; powerse color; sign; style si heart; mind; core so water; liquid
t /t/ ta beat; eliminate te hand; branch ti die; spirit to eye; see
w /w/ wa bad; evil we behavior; event wi walk; move wo plant (generalized)
y /j/ ya building; site ye is; at yi sound; wave yo have; and

Basic syntax

This is an analytic language, form words by stacking adjacent syllables.

There must be a long tone or pause between words to distinguish them from stacking.

The word order is object-verb-subject, and the modifier is postponed.

ha ha ge. I eat meal.

so haso ge. I drink water. (haso = eat + water = drink)

kesake ha mi ge. I don't eat meat. (kesake = thing + power + animal = meat)

hami ge. I'm hungry. (hami = food + no = hunger)

ha ha mami ge. I ate meal. (mami = future + not = past)

gemi sile ge. I love you. (gemi = core + happy = love)

wehimi male ge. I'm sleepy. (wehimi = behavior + sun + no = sleep, male = future + happy = want)

hanekolasotime wegi neyahowata heloneyawega nemegiwiso. The captain bribed the judge with yogurt.

This is a complex example, the structure of each word is as follows:

  1. hanekolasotime = milk (food + child (humanoid + small)) + ferment (make + wine (water + celestial (spirit + sky))) = yogurt;
  2. wegi = behavior + tool = use;
  3. neyahowata = humanoid + court (building + law (scholarship + punishment (evil + eliminate))) = judge;
  4. heloneyawega = give + corruption (illness + officials (human + government (building + politics (event + country)))) = bribe;
  5. nemegiwiso = leader (humanoid + high) + ship (vehicle (tool + move) + water)) = captain.
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